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Quotation of the day Century!
…the struggle in India would continue so long as a handful of exploiters go on exploiting the labour of the common people for their own ends. It matters little whether these exploiters are purely British capitalists,… or even purely Indians.
Bhagat Singh (March 3, 1931)  

Quotation of the day!
For great men, religion is a way of making friends; small people make religion a fighting tool.
Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
— Ignited Minds: Unleashing the Power Within India

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The Bhagat Singh You Didn't Know! − (Birth Anniversary 28th September, 2014) –
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An Even Closer Look In The Mirror
When our system is sadistic enough to incite a bright young mind to suicide, all we are left with to do is to read the poignant last words of one of our very own children.

A Close Look In The Mirror
"The two-year-old died a horrible death because the system did not care enough to want her to live."
"We have met the enemy and he is us."
- Pogo    

The Internet of Crime
Internet Espionage!
Criminal Education!

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Young Talent
Leonne & Roxanne Castellas -
"Walking On"
Leonne & Roxanne Castellas -
"I Like The Mess"
Leonne Castellas -
"On Drums"

Leonne Covering -
Dave Weckl's Mud Sauce (Mar. 15, '13)
Leonne Covering -
Dave Weckl's Island Magic (Mar. 15, '13)
Leonne Going Solo-
Drumming The Sound Fantastic! (Mar. 15, '13)
Fantastico, dude!
Wa-a-a-y to go, champ!

Leonne At Musicians Institute, Hollywood -
(The following videos are of Leonne at Musicians Institute, Hollywood, Los Angeles.)

Cover of "More is Enough - Plan B"
Cover of "Just A Dream - Nelly"
Cover of "When I'm Gone - Wiz Khalifa"
Cover of "Alive - Mind Vortex"

Jude Corneille & ZZid -
"Jaane Yeh Kya Hua"

Jude Corneille (Solo) -

Cover of "Kuchh Is Tarah - Atif Aslam"
Fantastico, dude!
Sung straight from the heart!

The New Horizons -
"Country Music Live!"

Pink Floyd -
Led Zeppelin -
"Kashmir - Live"
Jimmy Page, Jack White, & Edge -
"Kashmir - Jam Session"
The Who -
"Who Are You?"
Frank Zappa, Patrick O'Hearn, Terry Bozzio -
"Rubber Shirt"
Frank Zappa -
"The Sheik Yerbouti Tango"

Baby, baby! #1  (FB login required)
Baby, baby! #2  (FB login required)
Nikhil Peter (F3 - Netherlands/Germany)  (FB login required)
Nikhil Peter (Racing Experience)  (FB login required)

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The Anglo-Indians of Rajasthan

C'mon, men! We're having housie!


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Donny's Blog!

Matters that matter to Donny!

Nikhil Peter

Take a ride on the wild side!

Nikhil's BlogSpot

Sangram Routray

A Genius of An Artist!

Martin Gillespie
(Requiescat… July 12th, 2015)

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Sylvan Scenes (Katni, 2012)

       KISAN Exhibition (Pune, 2012)       

       Blast From The Past (St. Xavier's Staff Picnic '68)!       

       Pictorial Potpourri!       

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Dominic "Donny" Joseph!

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Donny's Changing Colours!
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A Budding Photographer - Yashika Routray!

Young Talent - Leonne Oscar Castellas!

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